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اسم الشركة : نسيم رزق سمعان

( جوزيف و مينا للرحلات ) إسم تجاري

نشاط الشركة : مكتب رحلات ونقل موظفي الشركات

شركه جي اند ام ترافيل

 إمتداد إلي مكتب نسيم رزق سمعان 

 المركز الرئيسي : خلف 335 ش مصطفي كامل –

رمل الأسكندرية

فرع سيدي جابر:

177 طريق الجيش – سيدي جابر – الأسكندرية

فرع الأقصر : شارع الكهرباء الكرنك – مدينة الأقصر


Goba for Limousine Services

Goba is a leading company in limousine services and tourist transportation

The company put the basics of the transportation services between the cities of Egypt.

Travel with a new car and enjoy a classy service with us at all Egyptian airports.

  • Limousine Cairo and Alexandria Airport 24-hour service, all types of cars, 7 passengers, 12 passengers, and 15 passengers.

  • Conference limousine services

  • Borg Al Arab Airport Limousine Service.

  • Cairo Airport limousine Service.

  • Tourist limousine Service.

  • Businessmen limousine Service.

  • Wedding limousine service

  • Book your ride from anywhere in the world with Goba Services to all Arab Republic of Egypt governorates and airports with the latest cars models


Goba Company for limousine Services

  • Goba Limousine Services Company provides its customers with the best limousine services through the latest cars models

  • An integrated fleet of cars to suit all our customers' needs

  • We provide limousines for trips, limousines for businessmen, conferences and companies for all governorates of Egypt at the best price in Egypt

  • The latest car models and the highest categories of different types to suit the needs of each customer

  • Drivers fully aware of the roads of all governorates

  • 24-hour customer service, the ability to pay with a visa, the best limousine price in Egypt for all airports and governorates of the Republic

  • Special prices, 24-hour customer service

Without any competitor, GobaLimousine Services is the best limousine company in Egypt, thanks to the unique and diverse services and features offered by the company.
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