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اسم الشركة : نسيم رزق سمعان

( جوزيف و مينا للرحلات ) إسم تجاري

نشاط الشركة : مكتب رحلات ونقل موظفي الشركات

شركه جي اند ام ترافيل

 إمتداد إلي مكتب نسيم رزق سمعان 

 المركز الرئيسي : خلف 335 ش مصطفي كامل –

رمل الأسكندرية

فرع سيدي جابر:

177 طريق الجيش – سيدي جابر – الأسكندرية

فرع الأقصر : شارع الكهرباء الكرنك – مدينة الأقصر


Limousine services

Goba Limousine Services Company is one of the leading limousines companies in Egypt, as Goba Limousine provides all limousine services that suit our customer needs around the clock.

Provinces limousine services

  • With Goba Limousine, enjoy the best trips to and from all governorates, at the cheapest prices, the most skilled drivers, and the best cars. In GobaLimousine, our goal is to provide our customers with peace of mind, luxury and comfort while moving between governorates.

  • Cairo limousine, Egypt limousine, Alexandria limousine, Sharm El Sheikh Airport limousine, North Coast Marina limousine, Marassi North Coast limousine, Sidi Abdel Rahman limousine, Porto Marina limousine, Suez limousine, AinSokhna limousine, Madinaty limousine, Rehab City limousine, Sheikh Zayed limousine 6th of October Limousine, Giza Limousine

  • You can book Cairo limousines, Alexandria limousines, airport limousines, Hurghada and El Gouna limousines, Sharm El-Sheikh limousines.


Conference & corporate transportation services

  • Goba Services Company is characterized by high-quality limousine services, such as conference, corporate and events limousine services. If you need to arrange transfer service for your guests, we at Juba Limousine offer you these services.

  • Our vision is based on helping individuals and companies manage their transportation from one place to another, and that is why we are honored to cooperate with the organizers of conferences and festivals in managing the transportation of their events, and help them ensure the transportation of their guests in a comfortable and luxurious manner.

  • We have a fleet of cars that is constantly ready to assist conference organizers in all governorates with transportation, such as transfers from the airport to the residence, from the residence to the conference venue, and to various governorates.

  • Contact us before the conference in order to organize the transportation of your guests in order to raise the name of your company and your conference.

Businessman limousine service with Mercedes cars

  • Do you know in Juba Limousine Company businessmen comfort of is our priority, for this reason, we provide them with high quality limousine services, so that they can perform their duties to the fullest.

  • In Juba Limousine, you will find everything you need in terms of luxury, quality, excellent services, luxury cars, and drivers who treat you with respect.

  • Enjoy businessmen services at Goba Limousine Services with a sense of sophistication, luxuries and modern cars

خدمة ليموزين رجال الأعمال
خدمات ليموزين المحافظات
خدمات تغطية المؤتمرات

Wedding limousine services

  • With Juba Limousine, plan your wedding day and enjoy the latest, luxurious wedding cars.

  • Because the wedding day is a special day, we have special wedding cars and trained drivers. We offer in Juba Limousine a complete wedding program, from the first arrival of the groom at his place, receiving the bride from the hairdresser, moving to the studio to take the best pictures, then going to the wedding hall, and finally going to the marital home.

  • Whatever your wedding date, Juba Limousine is always ready to make it a special and unforgettable day

  • You can book via phone or online

خدمات ليموزين زفاف العروسين
  • You can book via phone or online

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